Est. Together: Annual Report 2018

Our 2018 Annual Report focuses on conversations with neighbors and staff about how FCS is establishing an equitable, mixed-income community in Historic South Atlanta. We invite you to listen in on these key conversations as you build this community with us! Take a look at the full report here.

Joining Together in Innovation

“This is new. And different,” the compliance officer said as I, along with other FCS staff, sat at the closing table with Invest Atlanta. Everyone nodded with understanding… and excitement. For months, we’ve worked with them to discuss ways to deepen our Affordable Rental Home program. They have been tremendously supportive and share a commitment to making a more equitable Atlanta. But this is new.

It’s an oddly common refrain we hear at FCS. Unusual. New. Different. Unconventional. For many we meet, it is our mix of smart development and business principles with a lens of ministry and justice. For others, it’s leaning into our faith as motivation to fix broken places (literally).


Focused Community Strategies partners with under-resourced neighborhoods to provide innovative and holistic development that produces flourishing communities where God's Shalom is present.

Charity Rules

Matt was volunteering at the church’s food pantry. He was between jobs. He was living with his parents until something opened up. No panic, just mild anxiety until he landed suitable work. But this stretch of unemployment did raise his level of sensitivity to the needs of others. The least he could do was offer some of his idle time to help people much worse-off than himself.


Healthy Neighboring

Last night I sat in my front room watching a documentary. It was Memorial Day, and I was thinking about the cost of freedom and the damages of war. I have a son that is currently deployed in Afghanistan, and the holiday felt very personal this year.

That moment was interrupted by a loud knock on my front door.


The Restaurant Factor

A grocery store, a coffee shop, and now a space for a restaurant. There’s something about having a spot for neighbors to gather that matters, and people (all people) love to gather over food. Food is the one thing that we all need. For community developers, there’s a lot of potential in places that serve food in ways that intentionally bring people together.